Act 1, Scene 1: Teaching Them a Lesson

Character Actor / Hands (Voice) Puppet Clothing Accessoires Microphone
Bottlebrush Lynard / Kayjay Bottlebrush Simple clothing Mic x
Raindancer Eisfuchs / Tigerseye Raindancer Student uniform Pendant Mic x
Potami Tani / o'wolf Potami Potami's clothes Potami's bag Mic x
Student 1 Liam / Nex Rat (Louis) Student uniform
Student 2 Pan / Luno (Runo) Rat (Void) Student uniform
Student 3 Mesuri / Kiwaloo Wolf (Sunchaser) Student uniform
Student 4 Haku / Black Wulf Wolf (Snowbell) Student uniform
Ivydash Runo / Reesa German Shepherd (Bailey) Simple clothing Mic x
Nettlebush Jyanon / Curry Eldercrown Simple clothing Mic x


%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 1101 - STANDBY for GO (Link LX 0002 - DBO with dim blue reading light)

%MIX% Double Check Recording!
%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Runo: ON
%MIX% Lynard: ON

%MIX% Eisfuchs: OFF
%MIX% Tani: OFF
%MIX% Jyanon: OFF


%VID% VID-1101 - Narrator: "Long before our time, the earth was ruled by humans. They could fly to the moon, and lived in cities the size of kingdoms. But for all their great achievements they also built the most terrible weapons. When the great war broke out, it wiped their civilization from the face of the earth in a matter of days, and only a few survived in shelters deep underground."

%VID% VID-1101 - Narrator: "Unable to return to the surface, the humans decided to create a new kind of creature to rebuild the world they had destroyed. These creatures were just enough of a human to understand their masters' commands, but also enough of an animal to be denied their freedom."

%VID% VID-1101 - Narrator: "The humans discovered much too late that they had not created an army of willing slaves, but rather a new people whose intelligence, curiosity, and desire to live free was just as strong as their own. The revolution was swift and cruel, and this time no humans survived."

%VID% VID-1101 Narrator: "The leaders of the uprising called themselves 'Keepers of the Light', and their mastery of human technology gave them god-like powers. The common folks worshiped them like saints, and simply accepted them as their new rulers - for this was all they knew."

%VID% VID-1101 Narrator: "Generations passed, and the memories of the uprising faded into legend, and from legend into myth. Common folks as well as people among their own ranks became increasingly wary - until, in the year 385, a terrible bloodbath finally ended the Keepers' reign."

%SND% SND-1101 - Chalk Scribbling

%VID% VID-1101 The last image shows notes written on a chalkboard, and while the last lines are being spoken, the curtain opens to reveal a classroom scene, with Bottlebrush being the lecturer to a bunch of students.


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% LX 1102 - Light on Bottelbrush

%AMB% AMB-1101 - Classroom

%ACT% Bottlebrush faces the blackboard and scribbles on it with an invisible piece of chalk.

%MIX% Crossfade Lynard with Intro

Bottlebrush: "It was us, The Rebel Underground, who finally put an end to the Keepers' tyranny. And ever since, it has been our mission to give the Keepers' legacy of human knowledge back to whom it belongs: You, the true descendants of humankind."


%ACT% Bottlebrush turns around, facing the audience/students

%LIG% LX 1103 - Light up Scene

Bottlebrush: "This is why you are here, at the Institute of Science, History and Morality, and I would like to wholeheartedly welcome all of our new students who have joined us today here in Ferndale for the beginning of the new semester."

%SND% PRE-1101 - Student1 (whispering to their neighbor): "Same old speech …"

Student2 (whispering back): "Yeah, I've heard the professor say this so many times I can almost say it word for word."

%ACT% Bottlebrush heard them!

Bottlebrush: "Well, if you two already know it so well, I'm sure you know what this symbol on the wall means?"

%ACT% Bottlebrush points at the Tree of Knowledge

Student2: "It's the tree of knowledge! And it means … well, it's a tree, and it grows … um.. just like knowledge!"

Bottlebrush: "It used to be the secret symbol of the rebel underground, but it stands for more than just knowledge. It also stands for the ideals of a new society: Peace, Progress, and Freedom! And… Who were the heroes who gave their lives for that freedom, hmm? You, over there!"

%SND% PRE-1104 - Student1 (blushes): "Eh … uhm … I … errrrr … let me think … I think it was … uhm … Black … Something … and … that other guy …"

Bottlebrush (sighs): "See! That's what you get for talking all the time. Does anybody else know?"

%MIX% Eisfuchs: ON

%ACT% Bottlebrush looks from left to right and the students all want to hide under their desks.

Bottlebrush: "Raindancer? How about you?"

%MUS% MUS-1101 - Raindancer Explains

Raindancer (unenthusiastic and sing-song in delivery of the answer): "Ugh… Why always me? *sigh* The three great dead people of the rebellion: Brother Fireheart of Coldlake, founding father of the rebellion, executed by the Keepers of the Light. Stormrunner of Camp Freedom, who died in the heroic fight over the holy mountain, and Riversong of Ferndale who infiltrated the Keepers' stronghold all on his own, sacrificing himself to end the Keepers' reign. He will always be remembered, blah blah blah …"

Bottlebrush: "Come on, Raindancer! Riversong was your father, you should be proud of your family history!"

Raindancer: "So what? I've never met him. Besides, he's not the only one who died in the rebellion, you know? The Keepers burnt down the entire Camp Freedom. Aren't these people heroes, too? Maybe you should also mention that this was Stormrunner, the great rebel leader's fault. And …"

%MUS% MUS-1102 - Thank you Raindancer

Bottlebrush (embarrassed): "Ehhh, thank you Raindancer, I think that's enough. We don't want to confuse our newcomers on their first day, do we?"

Raindancer (sarcastic): "Okay, in short? The Keepers are gone, a lot of people died, and the fatherless children who remained are now very proud. Applause. Close the curtain."

%SND% PRE-1105 - Student1: "Uuuuhh, there he goes again!"

Raindancer: "I'm so sick of talking about dead people all day. I want to learn about Physics, Math, Biology! Things that really matter!"

Student2: "You're such a nerd!"

%ACT% Students throw a tsunami of crumpled paper, pens and pencil cases at Raindancer

%MUS% MUS-1103 - Nerd

%SND% PRE-1107 - All Students: "Nerd! Nerd! Nerd … " (Joining in one by one, go on for a while, then drop out one by one)
%SND% SND-1102 - Stationery Attack


%ACT% Students continue to shout, and throw things at Raindancer.

Bottlebrush: "Silence! This is a university, not a kindergarten! I said SILENCE!"

%SND% PRE-1108 - All Students making a commotion (swell up, go on, then stop)

%ACT% Students continue to shout, and now throw things at Bottlebrush instead.

Bottlebrush: "Aaaargh!"

%ACT% Bottlebrush hides under his desk.

%MIX% Tani: ON

%SND% SND-1103 - Door opens
%MUS% MUS-1104 - Potami Comes In

%ACT% Potami enters from [7]

%ACT% Everyone falls silent and stares

Potami (out of breath): "Excuse me! Is this the class of Professor Bottlebrush?"

%ACT% No answer

Potami: "Hello? (Looks behind her, then back) Did I miss something?"

%SND% PRE-1109 - Student1: "What… the hell… is that?"

Student2: "Is… Is that what I think it is?"

%ACT% Bottlebrush climbs up from behind his desk

Bottlebrush: "Oh! You must be Windstar's foster child!"

Potami: "Yep, that's me! Um… Sorry for bursting in, I really wanted to be on time but I'm new here, and well, you know how it goes … eh … Hey, why are you staring at me? Haven't you ever seen a pig before?"

Bottlebrush: "You'll have to excuse them, dear, pigs are not very common around here."

Raindancer: "Actually, she's not a pig… She's a Red River Hog, right?"

%SND% PRE-1111 - All Students: "Nerd!" (short this time)

%MUS% MUS-1105 - Red River Hog

Bottlebrush: "Very good, Raindancer! Yes, she is a Red River Hog and her name is Potami. Class, say hello to Potami!"

All Students (unenthusiastic): "Hel-lo-Po-ta-mi!"

Potami: "Uhh… Hello… Everyone."

Bottlebrush: "Welcome to our class, Potami. Feel free to pick a seat!"

Potami: "Thank you!"

%ACT% Potami walks up straight to Raindancer's desk, and sits down next to him

Potami: "I hope you don't mind if I … 'hog' … this space?"

Raindancer: "Nope! Not at all. Welcome to the Dead Heroes Society."

%SND% SND-1104 - Clocktower Bell

Bottlebrush: "Well class, it seems like it's time for a break! The class will resume at half past twelve! See you then! And please … Try not to kill each other in the meantime?"

%ACT% Bottlebrush leaves towards [7]

%SND% SND-1105 - Students Standing up / Chatter

%MIX% Lynard: OFF
%MIX% Runo: OFF

%ACT% Students begin to talk to each other.

%ACT% Potami and Raindancer face each other

%SND% SND-1106 - Door closes behind Bottlebrush

Raindancer: "So… Potami, is it?"

Potami: "Hello … eh … what was your name again?"

Raindancer: "I'm Raindancer."

Potami: "Oh, it's nice to meet you! So … You don't mind sitting next to a pig?"

Raindancer: "No, why?"

Potami: "Well … Is it just me, or are the people in this village a little bit … narrow minded?"

Raindancer: "Yeah, this place is pretty backwards sometimes. I've been living here all my life, and people still think I'm a weirdo."

Potami: "Well, people still think I'm a pig! So … If you're not a weirdo, what are you?"

Raindancer: "Oh… A bit of this, bit of that."

Potami: "A bit of fox, and… A bit of… cat?"

Raindancer: "Yeah… Must have been some wild party!"

Potami: "You've lived here all your life?"

Raindancer: "Yeah, I'm afraid so. I really wanna go to Ironforge when I'm ready, but Uncle Brushie wants me to finish school first."

Potami: "Professor Bottlebrush is your Uncle?"

Raindancer: "Well, not really … But that's kind of a long story."

Potami: "Another one of those wild parties?"

Raindancer (surprised): "Oh … Oh no! It's not like that … "

%MIX% Runo: ON
%MIX% Jyanon: ON

%SND% SND-1107 - Breaking Glass
%SND% PRE-1112 - Students in Shock / Mumbling / Students Fall Silent
%MUS% MUS-1106 - Break In

Potami: "Hey! Wh-What the hell was that?"

%ACT% Ivydash storms in with a knife from [7]

%ACT% Nettlebush comes in with bow and arrow from [1]

%ACT% Everybody huddles together in the middle of the classroom, squishing Potami and Raindancer between them.

Nettlebush: "FREEZE! Don't you dare make a sound or I'll put an arrow right between your eyes before you can even scream!"

Ivydash (pleased but sarcastic): "My, my … What quick learners you are! And so obedient, too. You all get an A+!"

%ACT% The students fall silent, except for the occasional whimpering and sobbing.

Ivydash: "Now, students … I'm afraid there has been a bit of a change in today's lesson plan. It's time for all of you to go on a nice, long 'field trip' with us! I promise the experience will be … educational."

Nettlebush: "This way! We're going out through the back window. Come on, move it, and not a sound."

%ACT% Nettlebush leaves towards [1]

%ACT% Students reluctantly follow Nettlebush

%SND% PRE-1113 - Student1: "Who are you? Where are you taking us?"

%ACT% Ivydash brandishes his knife threateningly

Ivydash: "Oh, you'll find out soon enough. Now shut up and move!"

%ACT% Ivydash shoos the kids out in front of him. When they're all gone, he turns around, and walks towards the blackboard. He produces a ransom note, and pins it to the blackboard with his knife.

%SND% SND-1108 - Spirrrr!
%MUS% MUS-1107 - Knife

%ACT% Ivydash walks out, chuckling contently to himself.

%MIX% Lynard: ON
%MIX% Eisfuchs: OFF
%MIX% Tani: OFF
%MIX% Runo: OFF
%MIX% Jyanon: OFF

%SND% SND-1109 - Door Opens
%MUS% MUS-1108 - Teacher Comes Back

%ACT% Bottlebrush comes in through the front door at [7] and walks to his desk, carrying a coffee cup

Bottlebrush (while walking): "Welcome back, students! Break is over, and it's time to … OH! Where is everyone? This has better not be another one of your silly pranks … HEY … THIS ISN'T FUNNY! COME OUT!"

%ACT% Bottlebrush sees the note.

Bottlebrush: "What's this? A note?"

%ACT% Bottlebrush plucks the note from the knife and reads, mumbling to himself while turning around, facing the audience

Bottlebrush (shocked): "OH SHIT!"

%ACT% Bottlebrush drops the coffee cup.

%SND% SND-1110 - Coffe Cup Shatters
%MUS% MUS-1109 - End

%LIG% LX 1199 - Lights Out (Link to LX 0001 - Full DBO)

%HND% Curtain - close

%MIX% Fade Ambience
%MIX% Mute all but Video

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light ON (Static Playbacks)