Act 2, Scene 4: Fool me Once

Character Actor / Hands (Voice) Puppet Clothing Accessory Microphone
Raindancer Eisfuchs / Tigerseye Raindancer Simple clothing Pendant Mic x
Potami Tani / o'wolf Potami Potami's clothes Potami's bag Mic x


%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 2401 - STANDBY for GO (Link LX 0002 - DBO with dim blue reading light)

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Tani: ON
%MIX% Eis: ON


%AMB% iron being forged, fire burning, workers running round the shop

%SND% bell rings

%SND% footsteps

Hammerfist: "Who's there!"

Whisperwind: "It's me, Whisperwind!"

Hammerfist: "Oh!"

%SND% door unlatches and opens

Hammerfist: "To what do I owe the honor of this unexpected visit?"

Whisperwind: "Oh, I just happened to be nearby, and I thought, why not pay the old Hammerfist a visit."

Hammerfist: "Well, it's always a pleasure to welcome a good customer, but I'm sure you're not here for idle chatter!"

Whisperwind: "You know me too well! How is the work on the gun going?"

Hammerfist: "Well … we … *sigh* … I don't think we can do it."

Whisperwind: "That is not what I wanted to hear."

Hammerfist: "I know, but I'm am honest man, so I am telling you like it is."

Whisperwind: "This is THE literal ironforge, the one that this city is named for, well known far beyond its limits. And you're telling me you can't build a little device with less than a dozen parts, not even with a model to work from? I am deeply disappointed."

Hammerfist: "Oh, it's a small device, that's true, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. The humans were amazing blacksmiths."

Whisperwind: "Then consider it a challenge!"

Hammerfist: "This is a challenge if I've ever seen one."

Whisperwind: "Did you get to examine the ammunition I sent you? "

Hammerfist: "Of course. The bullets are like pieces of art, each one a marvel of precision. I've never seen anything like it before. I think we could make a few, but it will take a long time, and a lot of work."

Whisperwind: "Then what are you waiting for? Get down to it! I'm beginning to wonder what the hell I'm paying you for."

Hammerfist: "Yes, sir, of course sir. I hope you are aware though, that the bullets will be useless without the black powder that makes them go bang."

Whisperwind: "Do I look like an idiot? The finest alchemists of the city are working on it. As soon as we have figured out the formula, you will get your powder. Now, what is keeping us from building our own guns again?"

Hammerfist: "The material. Even our strongest iron does not seem to be hard enough."

Whisperwind (doubtfully): "Not hard enough? You're known to make the hardest iron in the world!"

Hammerfist: "It is like it is. We've not been able to fire more than a handful of shots before the gun breaks, and the aim is terrible. I'm at my wit's end."

Whisperwind (angry): "I paid you a fortune to produce a reliable gun, and you said you can do it!"

Hammerfist: "I was wrong. I'm sorry. And if you want your money back, I can totally understand that. Let me talk to the cashier and I … *HRGS*"

%SND% Whisperwind grabs Hammerfist by the collar and chokes him a bit

Whisperwind (angry): "Listen to me, you little dimwit! I am Whisperwind of Ironforge! You don't bail out on me like that! There are not many parts of this city that I do not own. These guns were built before, and if you ever want to do any business in this town again, you are going to find out how to build them again! Understand?"

Hammerfist: "But it is impossible!"

Whisperwind (still angry): "Then what would it take to make it possible?"

Hammerfist: "The knowledge of a human blacksmith."

Whisperwind: "Alright. Then this is what I shall get for you."

Hammerfist: "*laughs* And how are you going to do that? Break into the holy mountain, and steal all their books?"

Whisperwind: "There is no need to break in, if you know who has the key … I have to go, and make a few arrangements. You're going to hear from me. Please excuse me."

%SND% footsteps and closing doors

%ACT% Hammerfist lets out a deep sigh


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% LX 2402 - Lights on

%AMB% AMB-2401 - Windy Barn
%MUS% MUS-2401 - Pain and Suffering

%ACT% Potami comes in from [7], carrying Raindancer on her back

%ACT% Raindancer is crying, partly because he is in pain, and partly because he feels betrayed. A crossbow bolt sticks out of his left arm.

%ACT% Potami sets Raindancer down carefully against one of the bales of hay

Raindancer: "Argh! Holy Shit, this hurts!"

Potami: "Don't move your arm! It looks a lot worse than it is."

Raindancer: "Don't touch me!"

Potami: "I just want to help you!"

Raindancer: "I SAID DON'T TOUCH ME! *hisses like a cat*"

%ACT% Raindancer sobs, and he is FURIOUS.

%ACT% Potami moves back a few steps.

Potami: "Please, Rainy, let me explain!"

Raindancer: "Shut up. Shut up. SHUT UP!"

%ACT% Raindancer tries to pull out the bolt from his arm

Potami: "No, don't pull it out, it will …"

%ACT% Raindancer yanks the bolt from his arm, and BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD

%ACT% Raindancer cries out in pain for a good 10 seconds or so. He's very sensitive to pain. The painful crying eventually turns into regular sobbing.

%ACT% Potami covers her eyes in horror

Potami: "Great, now you're bleeding like a stuck pig."

Raindancer: "SO WHAT?"

Potami (aggressive): "You're going to die if we don't stop it!"

%ACT% Potami stands in front of Raindancer, covering from the view of the audience

%ACT% Potami ties a handkerchief around Raindancer's arm to stop the bleeding

%ACT% Raindancer struggles heavily trying to push her away

Raindancer (sounding weaker): "No … no … leave me alone … argh … no …"

Potami: "Hold … still … by the gods … there!"

%ACT% Potami stands back, the bandage is now visible

Raindancer (weak): "Why can't you just leave me alone."

Potami: "Because I care about you!"

Raindancer (weak): "Then why did you do this to me?"

Potami: "Look, I didn't want this to happen to you!"

Raindancer (angry): "You shot the princess. YOU SHOT THE FUCKING PRINCESS, WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU EXPECTING?!"

%ACT% Raindancer grabs for his wound in pain with a paw

Raindancer (in pain): "Arrrgh. FUCK this hurts … "

Potami: "Ssssh! This barn hasn't been used since old Barleycorn gave up his farm. We'll be safe here - if you stop yelling!"

Raindancer: "You know this place?"

%MUS% MUS-2402 - Growing Up

Potami: "This is where I grew up."

Raindancer: "You grew up in Ironforge?"

Potami: "Until I ran away."

Raindancer: "Why didn't you tell me?"

Potami: "Because … *breathes* …"

Raindancer (through his teeth): "You had better be honest with me now."

Potami: "Because … I was afraid you would hate me."

Raindancer: "Go on."

Potami: "My father died in the rebellion. I grew up with only my mother, and we were the only river hogs in town. Ironforge has always been firmly in the hands of the Opposition, and there is no place for pigs in their vision of a new world. The Institute took us in. People tend to underestimate the wits of a hog, and that made mother a perfect spy against the Opposition. She was the one who uncovered the Opposition's war plans."

Raindancer: "War plans?"

Potami: "The Sea of Debris is littered with human artifacts. But working weapons are extremely rare. They've been trying to recreate some of the artifacts they found, but with no success."

Raindancer: "Are you a spy, too?"

Potami: "No. I wasn't supposed to know about any of this, but I was curious. When I pressed my ear against the wall in my room, I could hear everything they said."

Raindancer: "Where is your mother now?"

%MUS% MUS-2403 - Mother

Potami: "She's dead. She ran into a trap and got arrested. Goldeneyes decided to make an example of her, and scare the mob back into submission. She executed my mother in the marketplace, using this very gun."

%ACT% Potami throws the gun in front of Raindancer

Potami: "They tried to lock me up in the orphanage, but I ran away. I knew how to get into the palace without getting caught, so I took the the gun, and I swear: If I had known that it needs bullets to work, I would have killed Goldeneyes right there. But the gun only clicked."

%MUS% MUS-2404 - Lies

Raindancer (through his teeth): "You lied to me! And to the people in Ferndale who took you in! You lied to everyone!"

Potami (agitated): "You don't know how it is to grow up as a pig! Being powerless! Helpless! Wearing a smile like a mask! This weapon was the only power I ever had!"

Raindancer: "Who gave you the bullets?"

Potami: "The man who took us to the city did. You know him as Amberleaves. Everyone else knows him as … Whisperwind."

Raindancer: "The man who just married Lady Goldeneyes? But why? And why you? How did he even know we were coming? It all makes no sense!"

%MUS% MUS-2405 - The Opposition

Potami: "He secretly works for the Institute. Ironforge is still a bastion of the Opposition, and Goldeneyes is the key to reclaiming it. Whisperwind married her because it makes him the legitimate ruler of Ironforge. But to remain in power, he must remain free of even the slightest suspicion. The Opposition has been searching for me since I ran away. When Whisperwind heard that I was among the kidnapped students from Ferndale, he knew where to look for me. And he also knew that I was out for revenge. He made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Two bullets to make this a victory for my mother, and for the Institute."

Raindancer: "No! He's not one of us. This would have been murder, plain and simple! It would have been against all principles the Institute stands for. If you had spent more than a day at our school, you would know that. Whisperwind saw your blind hate for Lady Goldeneyes, and abused you for his own selfish reasons!"

Potami: "No! He is on the good side! Your side! And so am I!"

%ACT% Raindancer laughs sarcastically

%MUS% MUS-2406 - Hate is never on the good side

Raindancer (angry): "No, Potami. Hate is never on the good side. You taught me how to make love, yet I wonder if you even know what love is. You pretended to be my friend, but in the end, all that matters was that I showed you how to use the fucking gun, am I right?"

Potami: "No, that's not true!"

Raindancer (angry): "And when you shot at Lady Goldeneyes, I was the one to take the bolts so you could get away!"

Potami: "No! I even came back to save you!"

Raindancer (angry): "Would you also have come back to me if your plan had worked? Did you think I might be still useful for you after all?"

Potami: "No! I did it because I… I love you!"

%MUS% MUS-2407 - Farewell

Raindancer (angry): "Save your breath, Potami. I'm not going to play this game any longer. I have real friends to find in this city."

%ACT% Raindancer attempts to stand up, but falls back down.

Raindancer: "AAARGH! Fuck …. *groans in pain*"

Potami (worried): "Rainy!"

%ACT% Raindancer somehow props himself up against the bale of hay, and stands, swaying a little.

Raindancer (sarcastic): "I'm okay. Everything's just peachy. BE SAFE, Potami."

%ACT% Raindancer turns away, and walks outside into whatever direction works best.

Potami: "At least take the gun with you!"

Raindancer: "I don't need a gun. Nobody needs a gun."

%ACT% Raindancer disappears

%ACT% Potami begins to cry

Potami (shouts after him): "I'm on the good side! And I'm going to prove it! Whisperwind told me where to find him! We will free the students, find the kidnappers, and put an end to all of this!"

%ACT% Potami slumps down against the same bale of hay

%MUS% MUS-2408 - Please be wrong

Potami (sobbing to herself softly): "And please be wrong. By the gods, please, please be wrong."


%LIG% LX 2499 - Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close

%MIX% Fade Ambience
%MIX% Mute all but Video