Act 3, Scene 1: Paved With Good Intentions

Character Actor / Hands (Voice) Puppet Clothing Accessory Microphone
Raindancer Eisfuchs / Tigerseye Raindancer Simple clothing Pendant Mic x
Man1 o'wolf / Kayjay Goofy Cheetah Simple clothing Mic x
Man2 Mesuri / Haku Bobcat Simple clothing Pipe (smoking) Mic x
Longleaf Curry / Jyanon Rabbit Simple clothing Mic x


%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 3101 - STANDBY for GO (Link LX 0002 - DBO with dim blue reading light)

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Eisfuchs: ON
%MIX% o'wolf: ON

%MIX% Mesuri: OFF
%MIX% Curry: OFF


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% LX 3102 - Lights on

%AMB% AMB-3101 - City Street
%MUS% MUS-3101 - Asking Around

%ACT% Raindancer comes in from [1] walking across the stage

%ACT% Man1 comes in from [7] walking across the stage

%ACT% Man2 stands in front of the building near [6], smoking his pipe

%ACT% Raindancer meets Man1 mid-stage

Raindancer: "Uhm, excuse me, Sir?"

Man1: "What is it?"

Raindancer: "I'm looking for Longleaf's bakery!"

Man1: "Longleaf you say? Why?"

Raindancer: "Because … well … they say he makes the best sweetrolls this side of the Serpent River! I've come all the way from Coldlake to get some for my mother'​s birthday!"

Man1: "Your story fills me with determination! And… hunger! But nope, sorry, never heard of anyone called Longleaf. However, if it's sweetrolls you want, try Sugartooth's on Vine Street. His almond pastries are dee-licious!"

Raindancer: "Thank you Sir! Have a good day, Sir!"

Man1: "Take care!"

%MIX% o'wolf: OFF
%MIX% Mesuri: ON

%ACT% Raindancer walks on

%ACT% Man1 continues walking until he's off stage

Raindancer (to himself): "Man, finding Longleaf can't be that hard! How many bakeries can there be in a town like this?"

%ACT% Raindancer meets Man2

Raindancer: "Excuse me, Sir?"

Man2 (questioning): "Hmmmm?"

Raindancer: "I'm looking for someone called Longleaf."

Man2 (thinking): "Hmmmmmmm."

Raindancer: "He's supposed to be running a bakery here somewhere."

Man2 (thinking harder): "Hmmmmmmm."

Raindancer: "So you don't know him?"

Man2 (negative): "Hmmm-Hmmmm."

Raindancer: "Oh, and he might be wearing a symbol, like this?"

%SND% SND-3101 - Draw Knife
%MUS% MUS-3102 - You're not Welcome

%ACT% Man2 draws a huge knife, and puts it against Raindancer's throat

Man2: "Listen, you little mongrel, we don't welcome rebel scum like you around here. This city belongs to US! If your friend ever lived here, we've probably sent him to hell where he belongs. Now bugger off!"

%ACT% Raindancer backs off

Raindancer: "I'm just here for his sweetrolls, honestly! I don't want to cause any trouble! Have a nice day, Sir!"

%ACT% Raindancer turns around, and walks back towards [1]

%ACT% Man2 leaves towards [7]

%MIX% Mesuri: OFF
%MIX% Curry: ON

Raindancer (to himself): "Holy shit, that was close. This is not the Ironforge from Uncle Brushie's books."

%ACT% Longleaf appears from behind the bush, sneaks up behind Raindancer as he passes, and grabs him from behind, drawing him behind the bush.

%MUS% MUS-3103 - Suddenly Longleaf

Raindancer: "Hrrmrmgmmbmlrblmrb!"

%ACT% Raindancer struggles

%ACT% They both show up behind the hole in the bush

Longleaf: "Stop making a fuss already, I'm your friend!"

%ACT% Longleaf lets him go

Raindancer (relieved): "Thank the gods, Longleaf! I thought I'd never find you!"

%ACT% Raindancer embraces Longleaf

Longleaf (upset): "You have no idea what kind of a huge and dangerous ruckus you have been making!"

Raindancer: "What…? But … There's so much I need to tell you. But let's go somewhere safe first. How about your place?"

Longleaf: "My place? After shooting the Princess and asking bloody everyone for my name while waving the bloody Tree of Knowledge in their faces, there's now a bloody mob in front of my shop, smashing my bloody windows! I hope you have damn good reason for showing up here like this!"

Raindancer: "Look, you're the only one I know! Lady Goldeneyes had the entire class kidnapped from our school in Ferndale, but Potami and I managed to escape. I started looking for you the moment we arrived here, but then …"

Longleaf: "… you decided to kill Lady Goldeneyes instead, in broad daylight."

%MUS% MUS-3104 - Spying for the Institute

Raindancer: "Not me! Potami did it! I even tried to stop her!"

Longleaf: "Oh! So it was her!"

Raindancer: "You know her?"

Longleaf: "I knew her mother. Without her our presence here is down to nothing more than a couple of veterans. Too bad you didn't go for Whisperwind instead. He's the one deserving to be shot, not Goldeneyes."

Raindancer: "But… Whisperwind managed to convince Potami he's with the Institute."

Longleaf: "I'd have expected her to know more about the Institute and our codex."

Raindancer: "Well, what do you expect from a pig?"

%MUS% MUS-3105 - She's not my Girlfriend

Longleaf: "Wow, stop right there! That's not how you talk about your girlfriend!"

Raindancer: "She betrayed me! She's not my girlfriend!"

Longleaf: "Rubbish! Of course she is! Why do you think she rescued you first?"

Raindancer: "Coincidence?"

Longleaf: "And why do you think she took you with her all the way through the Dark Woods?"

Raindancer: "Because she knew she needed me."

Longleaf: "But she didn't need you any more once you were here."

Raindancer: "Well … I was the one to take the arrows for her!"

Longleaf: "Really. Then why didn't she leave you behind?"

Raindancer: "I … I don't know. And I don't care!"

Longleaf: "Boy, you're in full-on denial! She cares about you! A lot! Don't you see that?"

%MUS% MUS-3106 - She cares about you

Raindancer: "Then why did she hurt me so much?"

Longleaf: "Someone killed her mother. Imagine the pain she's gone through. When Whisperwind gave her the chance for revenge, that made her forget everything else and clouded her mind with hate. Yes, it was wrong, but it can happen to any of us."

Raindancer: "Not to me."

Longleaf (laughs): "Well, let me guess who told her how to use the gun. It was you, right?"

Raindancer: "Yes."

Longleaf: "Did she ask you for it?"

Raindancer (timid): "No."

Longleaf: "So the truth is, you wanted to impress your crush, and your feelings made you blind to the consequences. Like, that you were effectively teaching her how to shoot the Lady. So, don't ever again say it doesn't happen to you. It does, all the time."

%ACT% Raindancer sighs.

Longleaf: "So, do you know where your girlfriend is now?"

Raindancer: "She went to meet Whisperwind."

Longleaf: "And you, Mr. Expert Boyfriend, let her walk right into his trap."

Raindancer (defiant): "I was mad at her!"

Longleaf: "And that means she deserves to die, or what?"

Raindancer (miserable): "*sigh* I'm such a bloody idiot aren't I? For the gods' sake, I'm such an idiot …"

Longleaf: "Does she still have the gun?"

Raindancer: "Yes."

Longleaf: "Then let's hope she'll shoot the right guy this time."

Raindancer: "Stop being so goddamn cynical!"

Longleaf: "Look, Goldeneyes doesn't want the public to know she kidnapped innocent students. Whisperwind won't be too happy about witnesses to his conspiracy running around either. And on top of all that, the public thinks you're the accomplice of an attempted murderer. The entire city is against us. Literally. All we can do is get the news to Ferndale and hope for the best."

%MUS% MUS-3107 - Your father

Raindancer: "I wonder what Riversong would have done."

Longleaf: "Your father? Why would that matter?"

Raindancer: "Because he was a hero! He went out of his way to save my mother back during the rebellion!"

Longleaf: "He is also dead!"

Raindancer: "If it's my fate to die for a good cause, so be it."

Longleaf: "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!"

Raindancer: "I screwed up big time. I can't just sit here and wait."

Longleaf: "You're doing that emotional thing again. Just look at yourself. Your arm is still bleeding! You couldn't even hold a butter knife!"

%ACT% Longleaf touches the bandage

%MUS% MUS-3108 - Bad Idea

%ACT% Raindancer jumps back a little

Raindancer: "OUCH! Are you crazy?!? Don't touch it! Better tell me where I can find Whisperwind."

Longleaf: "How would I know? He's probably either at home, telling lies to his new wife, or spending the night at one of his brothels."

Raindancer: "His brothels?"

Longleaf: "*laughs* You didn't know? The Cat House is probably the only business in Ironforge that still turns in a solid profit. Distractions from misery are in high demand!"

Raindancer: "They let the sleaziest guy in town marry the Princess?"

Longleaf: "All that matters these days is gold, and of that he's got plenty."

Raindancer: "He's not going to meet Potami at the Palace, so they must be at the Cat House."

Longleaf: "Maybe, but what are you going to do?"

Raindancer: "I'll come up with something. You go get help from Ferndale. I'll go and save my girlfriend."

%MUS% MUS-3109 - Good Luck

Longleaf: "Oh, now she's your girlfriend again. Well then, good luck. What kind of flowers would you like on your grave?"

Raindancer: "White Chrysanthemums, for love, truth, and a long life."

Longleaf: "By the gods, grow up!"

Raindancer: "Goodbye, Longleaf."

Longleaf: "No! You're making a mistake! The enemy is in the majority, I can't help you when …"

%MUS% MUS-3110 - The Inevitable

%ACT% Raindancer turns away, and proceeds to walk off stage.

%SND% PRE-3101 - Man3 (off); "There he goes! He's the one!"

%SND% PRE-3101 (cont.) - Man4 (off): "Let's get him!"

%ACT% A group of men jumps on stage, pummeling Raindancer down with clubs.

Longleaf (distressed): "Oh fuck …"

%SND% SND-3102 - Beating
%MUS% MUS-3111 - Beating

Raindancer: "Aaaaaargh."

%ACT% Longleaf hides behind the bush.

%LIG% LX 3199 - Lights out (Link LX 0001 - Full DBO)

%HND% Curtain - close

%MIX% Fade Ambience

%MIX% Mute all but video

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light ON (Static Playbacks)