Act 3, Scene 4: All Hands on Deck

Character Actor / Hands (Voice) Puppet Clothing Accessory Microphone
Potami Tani / o'wolf Potami Racy lingerie, Hooded cape Potami's Bag Mic x
Goldeneyes Pan / Liam Goldeneyes Red dress Bandage left arm Mic x
Guard1 Kiwaloo Fox (Marco) Armor
Whisperwind Lynard / Kayjay Solaire Casual Mic x
Raindancer Eisfuchs / Tigerseye Raindancer Simple clothing Pendant, Bandage right arm Mic x
Guard2 Black Wulf German Shepherd (Bailey) Armor
Student 1 Runo Rat (Louis) Student uniform
Student 2 Haku Rat (Void) Student uniform
Student 3 Mesuri Wolf (Sunchaser) Student uniform
Student 4 Hai Wolf (Snowbell) Student uniform


%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 3401 - STANDBY for GO (Link LX 0002 - DBO with dim blue reading light)

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Tani: ON
%MIX% Pan: ON

%MIX% Eis: OFF
%MIX% Lynard: OFF


Student1: "Light so bright, light so pure, Keepers of the Light, answer me true … "

Student3: "For the last time. Stop … singing … that … song!"

Student1: "I have to do SOMETHING to keep me sane!"

Student3: "Right now, YOU are the one who drives ME insane!

Student2: "Guys! Stop yelling at each other. All we can do right now is be patient and wait for help."

Student1: "You mean pray for help"

Student2: "Rubbish. Professor Bottlebrush will do everything he can to get us out of here. He will come."

Student1: "If he ever finds us."

Student3: "Should be a breeze with all his human science and weapons and gadgets and stuff, right?"

Student1: "Then what is taking him so long?"

Student2: "Ironforge is a big city."

Student1: "Do you really think he would use human weapons to rescue us? Wouldn't that be totally against his ideals?"

Student3: "Not only that … couldn't that be exactly what the Opposition wants?"

Student2: "There's no point in speculating."

Student3: "What else should this be about? The Opposition is not exactly short on gold, that's for sure."

Student1: "I wonder who of us they are going to kill first."


Student1: "I'm just stating the inevitable."

Student3: "You can keep the inevitable to yourself!"

Student2: "I hope Raindancer made it back to Ferndale."

Student1: "Raindancer? No way he's gonna survive the Dark Woods on his own. He hides under his bed every time there's a thunderstorm. I've seen it."

Student3: "Then what about the pig?"

Student1 (imitating Raindancer being a smart ass): "She's a red river hog, if you please!"

Student2: "Well, pigs are tough, she could have made it."

Student1: "Why should SHE help us? She did not make a single move to free us when she had the chance."

Student3: "Yeah. Bloody pig!"

Student1: "We're doomed."

Student2: "I give up. Feel as gloomy as you like. This is a free prison after all."

Student1: "Light so bright, light so pure …"

Student2+3: "Not again!"

Student3: "Wait! Shhhh! Do you hear that?"

%SND% footsteps

Student1: "Someone's coming!"

Student2 (lowering his voice): "This is our only chance. If it's one of the morons from the wagon again, we might be able to overwhelm him. Do you think we can work together just this one time?"

Student1+3: "Alright!"

Student2: "You guys go over there, and you guys go over there … and on my command we all jump!"

Student1: "If he's stupid enough to come in here anyways."

%SND% punch

Student1: "Ouch!"

Student3: "Shhhhhh!"

%SND% footsteps getting louder

Student2 (whispering): "One, two …"

%SND% door unlocks and opens

Student2: "STOP! DON'T JUMP!"

Student1+3: "WHAT THE HELL?"


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Lights on

%AMB% AMB-3401 - Upcoming Thunderstorm

%MUS% MUS-3401 - Deep Thoughts

%ACT% Potami and Goldeneyes walk in from [1], ducking under the rails of the roller-coaster

Potami: "That's it. Everything is in place. Now all we have to do is wait for Whisperwind to show up and spring the trap!"

Goldeneyes: "I can't wait to make him pay for what he has done."

Potami: "If he shows up at all."

Goldeneyes: "Greenfield told him where to find us. He's way too proud to not show up."

%ACT% They enter the room behind the dragon face, locking the room

%SND% SND-3401 - Metal Door Closes

Potami: "But he'll probably have a small army in tow. We can only hope they're still more loyal to you than to him."

Goldeneyes: "His power hangs by a thread. People obey him to keep their heads on their shoulders, and that's it. If we manage to take him out, they will be on my side, not his."

Potami: "Let's hope so, by the gods. I still don't understand how you could fall for a guy like Whisperwind … "

Goldeneyes: "Well, you fell for him too, didn't you?"

Potami: "Touché."

Goldeneyes: "He knows precisely how to use your own fears against you."

Potami: "What were you afraid of?"

Goldeneyes: "Losing Ironforge. When Quicksilver died, I was suddenly very lonely. And all I knew about ruling a city was what I had overheard at dinner parties. Whisperwind was both an experienced leader, and an experienced lover. He was exactly what I needed. Or so I thought."

Potami: "What was the kidnapping about?"

Goldeneyes: "The most important leaders of the Institute live in Ferndale. And Whisperwind was mostly interested in weapons. Being able to make our own guns would have made us the most powerful city in the world. So we tried to blackmail Ferndale into giving us access to their library."

%MIX% Lynard: ON

Potami: "And people say PIGS are into dirty business."

Goldeneyes: "I feel nothing but shame right now. If I could turn back time, I would."

Potami: "Ssssh! I think they are coming!"

%MUS% MUS-3402 - Bad Guys March

%ACT% Soldier1 with a spear comes in from [7].

%ACT% Whisperwind comes in, but they stop at the far end.

Whisperwind: "Goldeneyes! I know you are here! Come out and show yourself!"

Goldeneyes (whispering): "Shall I give the signal?"

Potami: "Not yet … they're too far away!"

Whisperwind: "There's no point in hiding! Your friendly butler sang like a little bird!"

Potami (shouts): "Come closer so we can talk!"

%MUS% MUS-3403 - The Ultimatum

Whisperwind: "Oh, is that the little piggy speaking? But I can hear you perfectly from over here! I want Goldeneyes. Send her out now, and nobody gets hurt."

Goldeneyes (whispering to Potami): "Shit! What now?"

Potami: "Patience. If he wants to get to us, he'll have to move closer, and then we'll get him."

Potami (shouts): "Goldeneyes is not here. If you want to know where she is, come over here and we'll talk!"

Whisperwind: "Of course she's here. Come out now! This is my final warning!"

Potami (shouts): "The final warning and then what?"

%MUS% MUS-3404 - He's got Raindancer

%MIX% Eis: ON

Whisperwind: "The final warning before I kill your boyfriend!"

%ACT% Whisperwind walks past the first soldier (now in front of the trap)

%ACT% Raindancer comes in, followed by another soldier. The soldier behind him holds a knife to his throat.

%ATT% Sequence is now soldier2-raindancer-soldier1-whisperwind

%ACT% Raindancer whimpers

Potami (louder than she should): "FUCK!"

Goldeneyes: "What is it?"

Potami (in panic): "He's got Raindancer!"

Goldeneyes: "Who?"

Potami (in panic): "The man who saved your life."

Goldeneyes: "Oh!"

Potami (to herself): "For fucks sake, why didn't I see that coming … stupid pig, STUPID pig!"

Goldeneyes (trembling): "Okay, let's put an end to all this. I'm going out there, right now!"

Potami (through her teeth): "NO! I still have an axe to grind with this guy. You can still surrender when I'm dead! Now hide! I don't want him to see you. And don't - give - the - signal, until I tell you! Okay?"

Goldeneyes: "Okay!"

%ACT% Goldeneyes dives out of view.

%ACT% Potami gets out the gun

%ACT% Potami unlocks the door

%SND% SND-3402 - Metal Door Open

%ACT% Potami walks outside

Raindancer (sobbing): "I'm so sorry! I just wanted to help you! I love you, Potami!"

Potami (to Raindancer): "I know! Now shut up!"

%ACT% Raindancer sobs slightly

%ACT% Potami points the gun at Whisperwind

Potami: "So you want to play rough, Whisperwind? I can play rough, too. One false move, and you're dead! Now let him go!"

%MUS% MUS-3405 - Let him go

Whisperwind: "*laughs loudly* Oh you stupid little piggy, but this is not going to work!"

Potami: "Don't push me!"

Whisperwind: "I know that you don't have any bullets left. I gave you two, and you wasted them both."

Potami: "You're forgetting about Goldeneyes' stash!"

Whisperwind: "You mean this one?"

%ACT% Whisperwind shows her a little bag, shaking it

%SND% SND-3403 - Bullets Rattling

Potami: "FUCK!"

Whisperwind: "And now you're going to hand me the gun."

%ACT% Potami shakes with anger

Potami: "GrrrrrrRRRRR!"

%ACT% Potami drops the gun

%SND% SND-3404 - Splort

Whisperwind: "I said HAND me the gun, not DROP the gun!"

Potami: "GRRRRRRR!"

%ACT% Potami bends down, very slowly gets the gun

%SND% SND-3405 - Glorb

Whisperwind (angry): "How long is this going to take?"

%ACT% Potami gets up again and hands him the gun

%MUS% MUS-3406 - Here's your gun

Potami: "Alright, here's your goddamn gun. I hope you'll kill yourself with it."

Whisperwind: "Just why do pigs have to get mud on everything? But anyways … "

%ACT% Whisperwind loads the gun

%SND% SND-3406 - Load Gun

Whisperwind: "I think it's time to end this story. Farewell, little piggy!"

%MUS% MUS-3407 - Farewell little piggy

Raindancer: "Noooooo!"

%ACT% Whisperwind pulls the trigger

%HND% The gun explodes in Whisperwind's hand with a loud bang and lots of smoke, blinding him

%SND% SND-3407 - Bangsplode!

Whisperwind: "AAAAAAARGH! MY EYES!"

%ACT% Whisperwind holds his eyes, and staggers around

%ACT% Potami makes a leap, and tackles the soldier that holds Raindancer

Potami: "Goldeneyes! NOW!"

%ACT% Goldeneyes appears, and whistles on her fingers

%SND% SND-3408 - Whistle / Attackamob!

%ACT% The kidnapped students jump out of their hiding place with a battle cry

%ACT% Potami frees Raindancer

%ACT% Goldeneyes goes for Whisperwind, disarming him

%ACT% The students go for the soldiers, disarming them

%ACT% A few moments of fighting

%ACT% Student1 holds Soldier1

%ACT% Student2 holds Soldier2

%ACT% Student3 holds Whisperwind

%ACT% Raindancer sobs and cries

%ACT% Potami takes Raindancer by the paw, and leads him away from the battlefield

Potami: "Come with me … over here! It's alright … you're safe now!"

%MUS% MUS-3408 - It's over

Whisperwind (in pain): "My …eyes … I can't see …"

%ACT% Goldeneyes puts the edge of a sword against Whisperwind's throat

%SND% SND-3409 - Shring!

Goldeneyes: "In case you don't know the feeling: This is a sword against your throat."

Whisperwind (in pain): "So what are you going to do? Kill me? I'M THE LORD OF IRONFORGE!"

Goldeneyes: "No you are not. You are a criminal. A trickster. A murderer."

Whisperwind (in pain): "You are nothing without me! The people of Ironforge will never accept a woman as their leader! Never!"

Goldeneyes: "I'm not one of your alley cats. My family has been ruling this city for many generations, and we never betrayed our own people!"

Whisperwind: "So who do you think they are going to obey? Me or you?"

Goldeneyes: "Well, let's find out, shall we?"

%ACT% Goldeneyes lowers her sword, and steps back a bit.

Goldeneyes: "Let the soldiers go."

%MUS% MUS-3409 - The Challenge

%ACT% The students let the soldiers go

%SND% SND-3410 - Rustling

%ACT% Soldiers look at each other in confusion.

Goldeneyes: "Now give them back their weapons."

%ACT% The students give the swords back to the soldiers

%SND% SND-3411 - Rustling & Cling-Clang

Goldeneyes: "So, my 'Lord', what would you like them to do?"


%ACT% Goldeneyes puts up her arms in a "come here and take me" pose.

Whisperwind: "I SAID ARREST HER!"

%ACT% Soldiers look at each other, profoundly puzzled

%MUS% MUS-3410 - Victory

Goldeneyes: "Soldiers! This man coerced me into marriage under false pretenses, which is therefore invalid. Furthermore, I accuse him of attempted murder of a sovereign, and of conspiracy against the house of Ironforge. He shall be tried in a court of law. Arrest him!"

PRE-3401 - Soldiers: "Yes, my Lady!"

%ACT% The soldiers arrest Whisperwind, and drag him off stage to [7]

%ACT% Whisperwind protests

Whisperwind: "Let me go! She has no right to give you commands! I am your lord! I'm the ruler of Ironforge! You can't arrest me!"

%SND% SND-3412 - Thundering Applause!
%AMB% AMB-3402 - Storm subsides

%ACT% Everybody applaudes and cheers!

%ACT% Goldeneyes turns around, and looks at Raindancer and Potami.

%ACT% Whisperwind and the soldiers disappear from stage

%MIX% Lynard: OFF

%ACT% Potami embraces Raindancer

Raindancer (sobbing): "I thought I was going to die …"

Potami (comforts him): "Don't worry, the little piggy is back to take care of you!"

Raindancer (sobbing): "I thought I could be a hero, like my father. But I couldn't. I'm such a failure. You don't deserve a fool like me."

Potami: "Shhhhhh… stop talking like that. Without you we'd all be dead right now!"

Raindancer (sobbing): "How so?"

Potami: "I stuck the barrel into the dirt as deep as I could before I gave it to Whisperwind. And it went BANG right in his ugly face! You taught me that!"

%MUS% MUS-3411 - Victory

Raindancer: "I love you, 'Tami!"

Potami: "I love you too!"

%ACT% Raindancer and Potami go from hugging to turbo-hugging

%SND% PRE-3402 - Students: "D'Awwwwwwwwwwwww!"

Potami (singing): "Shut u-huuuuuup!"

%ACT% Students giggle and one by one leave the stage to [7]

%ACT% Goldeneyes kneels down before Potami, and lowers her head.

Goldeneyes: "Potami … I am forever in your debt. My kingdom, my gold, my life. Whatever it is you want, it is yours."

Potami: "Thank you, but all I ever needed is here in my arms right now. And I was wrong about you. You are a much more honorable person than I thought. I can't bring myself to hate you any more. Go. Your city needs you."

Raindancer: "And you told me you're bad at politics!"

Potami: "Truth lies beneath the mud. Ancient pig wisdom."

%ACT% Goldeneyes stand up

Goldeneyes: "Thank you. And to you as well, Raindancer. Please let the Institute know that I deeply regret what I have done, and that I offer myself to be tried in an independent court, and pay any kind of compensation they desire."

%ACT% Raindancer lets go of Potami

Raindancer: "I will. But can I make a suggestion?"

Goldeneyes: "Of course!"

Raindancer: "The Institute and the Opposition know so little about each other. Instead of building walls, we should open our gates. Instead of spying, we should teach. We have so much to learn! The Institute needs to have an official representation within the city again."

Goldeneyes: "Consider it done."

Potami: "If you REALLY want to spread your knowledge fast, just tell it to a sex worker of your choice."

%MUS% MUS-3412 - Inappropriate Ramblings

Raindancer: "POTAMI! That was … SO INAPPROPRIATE!"

Goldeneyes (laughs): "It's the truth beneath the mud! Ancient pig wisdom!"

Potami: "My Lady, don't you have lots of really important official state business to do?"

Raindancer: "WHAT?"

Goldeneyes (confused): "Yes, but … uhm …"

Potami (sings): "Oh, the sweet air of spring."

Raindancer: "What are you trying to get at?"

%ACT% Potami goes nose-to-nose with Raindancer

Potami: "You!"

Raindancer: "What?"

Goldeneyes: "Uhhhhm …"

Potami (through her teeth): "I'm talking about private lessons!"

%MUS% MUS-3413 - The End

Raindancer: "What!?"

Potami (loud): "Oh, by the gods! I WANT TO SCREW YOUR BRAINS OUT! RIGHT NOW!"

%ACT% Potami drags Raindancer towards the dragon mouth hideout

Raindancer: "Wha … Are you crazy? The Princess of Ironforge is standing right next to us …"

Goldeneyes: "OH! My my my! Look at the time! I totally forgot I had lots of really important official state business to do!"

%ACT% Goldeneyes turns around and leaves

%ACT% Raindancer points at the audience

Raindancer: "I … I can't do this when everybody's looking!"

Potami: "That's not going to be a problem."

%ACT% Looks at the audience, breaking the fourth wall

Potami: "Lights out!"

%ACT% Potami claps twice

%SND% SND-3413 - Claps Twice

Raindancer: "Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh …"

%LIG% LX 3499 - Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close

%MIX% Fade Ambience
%MIX% Mute all but Video

%LIG% Main Sttage Lights (Static Playbacks)


%ATT% Everybody explodes